We Win Against the Terrorists?

Gosh, darnit, I'm a day late on my pledge[1] to let no more than a week go between posts. You should see what I have saved up (and you will, if you're unfortunate enough), though that doesn't count for much when there's still a huge editing job to be done on the backlog.

But to continue a theme, yet in a happier vein: without the overreaction of the U.S. government to the "terrorist threat," we wouldn't have Achmed the Dead Terrorist. (Let's not skimp on the kudos, either. The terrorists themselves made some small contribution; let's give them a credit as, oh, I don't know, "production assistant.")

Anyhoo, right indeed: this is happy in the way that some Beckett plays could be considered happier than others. And it's also no news to anyone, given the number of views this video has had on YouTube[2]. But still, if we can laugh at our enemies, that's only a step away from being able to laugh at ourselves.
Jeff: So you guys have any kind of motto?
Achmed: Like what?
Jeff: You know, like, "We're looking for a few good men"?
Achmed: We're looking for some idiots who have no future.
Jeff: Where do you get your recruits?
Achmed: The suicide hotline!
[1]: Not an Official New Year's Resolution. No Warranties, Express or Implied, will be honoured. This material is Expressly not Fit for Your Implied purpose.

[2]: In casual browsing, I've never run into anything on YouTube with anywhere near a hundred million views.  (Achmed has about 106 million views at the time of writing.) Looking for the most popular YouTube videos ever, I came across the Evolution of Dance, with some 136 million views. Despite no reference to Boy George, he's good (even better than Napoleon Dynamite) but still....

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