Only a loser would delay the news for her blog.

Not Always Right is certainly full of social comment, but it invariably makes fun of people who don't understand what's going on. That of course means that, if the Internet is involved, it makes fun of people who don't quite understand the Internet.

That makes me wonder why this exchange is there, since it so clearly does involve understanding on the part of the customer this time, rather than the staff member:
(It is a few minutes after closing time and we lock the door. Moments later I hear the sound of breaking glass. I rush over and see a woman on the ground surrounded by glass. She had tried to walk through the door and broke it.)
Me: “Miss, are you alright?! Are you hurt anywhere?”
Customer: “No! No…I think I’m fine.”
Me: “Miss, let me show you somewhere to sit while we wait for security and the ambulance.”
Customer: “No! I don’t have time d*** it! I have to go write this in my blog!” *runs off*
Was it because she didn't just pull out her Blackberry and Twitter it?

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