It Just Got Personal

Through the usual weird six-degrees-of-separation-chain-of-links that happens on the web, I happened to run into the diaries of someone raised by dominionists.

In case you want to get on with life instead of following the links, dominionism is essentially a totalitarian movement to have the world ruled by radical Christians of the U.S. flavour. It's in no way a majority, or even a plurality, but it's far from just a cult.

Reading about this fellow's experiences, I came across a quote from this post that chilled me to the bone:
[O]ne time in 5th grade, I had made a comment that was in fact seen as socially acceptable by the dominionist group that raised me...that I hoped that "godly people took over and did to the atheists what Hitler did to the Jews".
Now think about this. My eyes are blue, my natural hair colour is dark blond, and I'm pretty much your standard person of northern European descent. I'm about as white as they come, and by looks alone I'd probably be quite acceptable to pretty much any western conservative movement, from fundamentalist Christians to neo-Nazis. While I've always appreciated intellectually all of the innumerable forms of hatred for a category, whether it be blacks, gays, Jews, or whatever, all the way up to the plight of the Jews during the Holocaust, I'd never thought of being in one of those groups.

Well, apparently now I am. There really are people out there who would be happy to see me die because I'm an athiest, and they're not the terrorists that Bush & Co. are worried about. Most of them live in "the land of the free."

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